South County Fire is staffed and responding to emergency calls. Stations are closed to visitors. Please visit our NOVEL CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) page for the most current information and resources from county, state and national health officials.

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CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. Unfortunately, live fire dispatch is no longer provided by Snohomish County's emergency radio system.

Emergency radio dispatch feeds for our area are available from other providers.


You will hear units identified by type of apparatus followed by a number. The number indicates the station where the unit is based. For example, Engine 19 is a fire engine based at Fire Station 19 in Mountlake Terrace. South Snohomish County stations and numbers are shown on this map.  Units from Stations 24 and 25 are Mukilteo Fire Department, and stations 71, 72, 73, 74, 76 and 77 are Fire District 7.

The most common units dispatched are:

  • Engine:  fire engine
  • Ladder: ladder truck
  • Medic: paramedic unit equipped and staffed to respond to the most serious medical emergencies
  • Aid: aid unit equipped and staff to respond to medical emergencies requiring basic life support

Because all firefighters in south Snohomish County are cross-trained to respond to fires as well as medical emergencies, it is not uncommon to hear engines dispatched to medical calls or aid/medic units dispatched to fires. Our dispatch center, will send the closest available units recommended for the type of 911 call received.

Others abbreviations you may hear in dispatch:

  • AC:  Assistant Chief
  • AIR10:  Support truck equipped to provide on-scene air tank refills, supplemental lighting at night scenes and other services.
  • ALS: Advanced life support, serious medical emergency requiring paramedics
  • BC: Battalion Chief
  • BLS: Basic life support
  • CRP: Community Resource Paramedic
  • DC: Deputy Chief
  • FM: Fire Marshal
  • MARINE16:  Fire/rescue boat based at Edmonds Marina
  • MARINE19: Small rescue boat based at Lake Ballinger
  • MSO:  Medical Services Officer
  • MVC: Motor vehicle collision
  • PIO: Public Information Officer
  • RIC: Rapid Intervention Crew, a crew designated to standby at a fire scene with the tools and equipment necessary to execute a rapid rescue if a firefighters run into trouble in a burning building.
  • SO: Safety Officer
  • TR21:  Technical Rescue truck, staffed by firefighter/rescue technicians and equipped with specialized rescue tools and gear.