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Marine 16 fire rescue boat spraying water in EdmondsMARINE RESPONSE

Marine 16

Marine 16 is a 28-foot rescue/fire boat equipped with twin 225-horsepower outboard engine and a 335-horsepower inboard jet propulsion. A bow door allows for beach landings. A side door accommodates in-water patient assistance.

Marine 16 is based at the Port of Edmonds. Firefighters at Station 16, 17 or 20 are dispatched to staff the boat for emergency response. Capabilities include:

  • Fire suppression: Marine 16 can flow water at the same rate as a fire engine to fight marine and marina fires. Marine 16 has also been used to fight brush fires along the shoreline in areas only accessible from the water.
  • Search and rescue: Marine 16 has been called to search for and rescue boaters in distress, provide beach access for rescues along steep areas of shoreline and respond to scuba diving incidents at the busy underwater park north of the Edmonds ferry dock.
  • Emergency medical transports: In the enclosed cab of Marine 16, firefighters can begin caring for EMS patients transported from boats, nearby islands or areas difficult to access by land.
  • Dewatering: For vessels taking on water or sinking, Marine 16 can assist with pumps.

Boat 19

Boat 19 is stationed at Lake Ballinger in Mountlake Terrace. It is a 9-foot rigid-bottom inflatable equipped with an outboard motor. Its main use is for water rescues on the lake. Boat 19 also provides emergency access to Lake Ballinger's Edmount Island, which was closed to public access in 2009. Boat 19 is the only gas powered vessel allowed on the lake. Firefighters from Station 19 or another nearby station are dispatched to deploy Boat 19 for emergency response.

Boat 21

Boat 21 is a 10-foot inflatable rescue boat powered by a 9.9-horsepower outboard motor. Purchased in 2019, the boat is carried on South County Fire’s technical rescue truck (TR21) centrally located at Martha Lake Fire Station 21. Boat 21 can be quickly inflated and rapidly deployed to serve all area lakes.