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Board approves resolution supporting "yes" vote banning fireworks in unincorporated areas

An advisory vote in the November election will gauge public opinion on banning the use of consumer fireworks in unincorporated urban areas of Snohomish County.

This non-binding measure will be on your Nov. 5 General Election Ballot: Should the Snohomish County Council enact an ordinance prohibiting the discharge of consumer fireworks in the unincorporated urban growth areas of Snohomish County?

South County Fire filed a petition with the Snohomish County Council in June requesting a ban on consumer fireworks in our unincorporated service area.  Consumer fireworks are already banned in the cities we serve – Brier, Edmonds, Lynnwood and Mountlake Terrace.

Fireworks put people, animals and property at risk in our area every July 4. This is predictable and it’s also preventable. Fireworks bans in the cities we serve have effectively reduced injuries, property loss and 911 calls. Eight counties and 92 cities in our state ban fireworks.

The South County Fire Board of Commissioners unanimously adopted a resolution supporting a “yes” vote on the Nov. 5 ballot measure.

About the advisory vote

The November vote is advisory only, meaning the County Council wants voters' opinion, but will still have the final say.

The Snohomish County Council authorized a non-binding, advisory vote to gauge public opinion on the issue before considering any action to ban fireworks. 

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