The Training Division provides training and education to more than 300 employees of South County Fire. This training is required by Washington State law, conforms to industry standards and is essential to keeping personnel and the citizens of the community safe.

The Training Division is responsible for administering and documenting all training including:

  • Evaluating the training level of individual employees and employee teams
  • Research recommendations and provide training in new concepts
  • Planning and coordinating training with other organizations
  • Providing recruit orientation and probationary programs
  • Coordinating training activities with city, county and state agencies and ensuring compliance with relevant standards and legal requirements
  • Developing and implementing safe practices for district operations
  • Coordinating and developing career development programs.
  • Recruiting and mentoring subject matter experts to form our professional instructor cadres.

Training Tower

IMG_1015Firefighters drill regularly at the Training Tower at South County Fire Headquarters. The four-story tower simulates conditions firefighters might encounter in the most common structures in South County Fire: one and two-story homes and mid-rise apartment complexes and buildings. Simulated smoke can be used to create fire-like conditions throughout the building. There is no live fire or burning in the tower. Firefighters use the tower for drills on laddering, hose evolutions, search and rescue, fire suppression tactics, forcible entry, firefighter safety and survival, rescue drills including rappelling and wall breaching, ventilation, ladder company operations and many other firefighting skills.


The Training Division strives to support regionalization through public and private sector partnerships. We achieve this by advancing interoperability through industry associations, regional training collaborations, and countywide policy research and development.

Snohomish County Fire Chiefs Association is a regional resource for firefighter training and skill development. Working together, departments can share and exchange information, training aids and resources. The program also promotes uniformity in training practices throughout the county. The County Training Officers Association manages an on-going annual training program for all county Fire agencies to utilize. 

Everett Community College Fire Science Program partners with us to conduct semi-annual Fire Academy classes at the Training Tower site.