Stewardship, accountability and integrity are organizational values embraced by employees at every level in our agency. We strive to provide the highest level of service at a reasonable cost to taxpayers. The Finance Department supports this mission by:

  • Working with elected officials and staff to develop an annual budget with forecasted revenue and expenses.
  • Accounting for the timely payment of expenses incurred by the operating and reserve components of the agency.
  • Tracking, investing and depositing cash as required to meet all payroll and operating expenditure obligations.
  • Preparing monthly and quarterly financial performance reports showing the status of revenue and expenses measured against the adopted budget.
  • At year-end, preparing and publishing an annual report open for public inspection and submitted to the State Auditor's Office for examination.
  • Managing a systematic purchasing process that provides for the acquisition of quality goods and services through open, competitive, and fair business practices.