South County Fire is staffed and responding to emergency calls. Stations are closed to visitors. Please visit our NOVEL CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) page for the most current information and resources from county, state and national health officials.


We are preparing a capital facilities plan that will outline fire station needs through 2035. The plan is being developed in three phases:

Phase I inventories existing capital facilities and provides an evaluation of the current situation relative to service demand, demographics and the influences of growth in the region. View the Phase I baseline report or see the detailed floor plans and photos of each station in Appendix F.

Phase II forecasts future needs. Projected population, traffic, demand and other data are used to identify future service needs. In process.

Phase III is the final plan. It will provide an estimate of capital facility funding necessary to execute the plan, an implementation timeline, and a recommended funding approach. Later in 2017.

Ultimately, the Board of Commissioners will adopt the plan and ask taxpayers to fund it. That is why public input and involvement are important – this plan will impact the effectiveness and efficiency of emergency services in the future, and the way those services are paid for.

Replacing Fire Stations

Fire stations must be replaced when their useful life expires. As housing densities and traffic patterns change, some fire stations are no longer in the most central locations for fast emergency response. The capital facilities plan is an opportunity to find answers to questions, like: If we are going to build or replace a fire station, what is the best location to place it?

Current Capital Needs

South County Fire regularly plans and saves to replace aging equipment and facilities. Our annual budget includes a Capital Projects Fund for:

  • Apparatus Replacement Reserve
  • Facility/Major Maintenance Replacement Reserve
  • Land Acquisition Reserve
  • Equipment Reserve

The Capital Facilities Plan is needed because current South County Fire revenues are not enough to pay for all our long-term capital needs.