South County Fire is staffed and responding to emergency calls. Stations are closed to visitors. Please visit our NOVEL CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) page for the most current information and resources from county, state and national health officials.


If you have an emergency where there is an immediate threat to life or property, you should contact 911. But what if it’s not an emergency?

Snohomish County 911's non-emergency number is:


You’ll still talk to a dispatcher, but emergency calls will get priority.

Examples of non-emergencies include:

  • Illegal fireworks complaints
  • Reporting a blocked fire lane or malfunctioning fire alarm
  • A found pet or property item

Please program this number into your smart phones and ask family members to do the same.

Be prepared when you call

When calling either 911 or the non-emergency number, please be prepared to answer the dispatchers questions, which may include:

  • The address or location where the incident occurred
  • Your phone number for a return call
  • Basic description of the situation or people involved
  • Other questions to prioritize your incident.

Keep your answers brief and to the point. The same trained staff answer both 911 and the non-emergency number.